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16 hours ago

Celebrate Family Reunion Month with this episode of Big Blend Radio's Vacation Station "Hey Wanna Go" Travel Show with travel advisor Cheryl Ogle. From cruises and resorts to budget-friendly adventures, hear about ways to reunite with loved ones of all ages and abilities to create those special memories. 
Check out Cheryl's blog on family reunions and multigenerational travel: 
On Big Blend Radio every third Wednesday, Cheryl is a world traveler, accredited travel advisor, and owner of Hey Wanna Go that specializes in travel to Europe and the UK, as well as river and ocean cruises. More: 

20 hours ago

On this episode of Big Blend Radio's "Lost Angel Travel Adventures with Linda Ballou" she discusses her novel “Wai-nani - A Voice from Old Hawaii.” 
Through Wai-nani's eyes, experience the Hawaiian society as it existed when Captain James Cook arrived at Kealakekua Bay in 1779; ride the billowing seas with Eku, the wild dolphin she befriends; learn why she loved the savage, conflicted ruler, Makaha; walk with her as she defies ancient laws and harsh taboos of the Island people; share the love she received from all who knew her and learn how she rose to become the most powerful woman in old Hawai'i. More: 
View Linda's Wai-nani Wayfinder video: 
Follow Linda Ballou's adventures at
and learn more about her books, including "Wai-nani" at 
NOTE: The "Wai-nani" audiobook is currently unavailable.
Listen to Big Blend Radio's "Lost Angel Travel Adventures" Show every 3rd Wednesday at High Noon PST,  here on YouTube: 
Featured music on this episode is “Hi’ilawe” by Makana. 

2 days ago

Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer, Parks & Rec Month, Picnic Month, Family Reunion Month, and more on this episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Go to Natchitoches” Podcast. 
From Zydeco and Meat Pie Festivals to cruising Cane River Lake and exploring Cane River Creole National Historical Park, K. Nicole Connell of the Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau talks about the various multigenerational experiences this beautiful and historic destination offers. 
Founded in 1714, Natchitoches is the original French Colony and oldest settlement in Louisiana. Celebrating a vibrant blend of French, Spanish, African, Native American, and Creole cultures, this charming city is part of the Cane River National Heritage Area and Louisiana’s No Man’s Land.  Plan Your Visit to Natchitoches and check out the event calendar at 
Follow Big Blend Radio's "Go to Natchitoches" show and check out the past episodes here: 

2 days ago

This episode of Big Blend Radio's "Success Insider" spotlight features Clifford Garstang, author of six works of fiction including the novels “The Last Bird of Paradise,” “Oliver’s Travels,” and “The Shaman of Turtle Valley,” and the short story collections “House of the Ancients and Other Stories,” “What the Zhang Boys Know,” and “In an Uncharted Country.” He is also the editor of the acclaimed anthology series, “Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet.” A former international lawyer, he lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 
Check out Clifford Garstang’s answers to our 10 Author Insider Questions about his writing career: 
Keep up with Clifford at 

3 days ago

This episode of Big Blend Radio’s 3rd Monday “Food, Wine & Travel” Show with IFWTWA features travel blogger Feuza Reis who shares the ins-and-outs of purchasing property in Sicily, especially through unique 1 Euro Homes project in San Piero Patti. 
A small village that's home to around 2,500 residents, San Piero Patti is located approximately 2 hours from each major airport in Sicily,  1 hour from Messina, and just 20 minutes from Patti, a larger city with around 9,000 inhabitants. This hilltop area offers stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. From here, you can see the Aeolian Islands, and on a clear day, you can also see Panarea at the very bottom on the right, Stromboli. Read Feuza's article about it all in "Live in Italy" Magazine, here: 
Feuza Reis, also known as Fuse, combines her expertise in mid-budget travel with her deep affection for Europe in captivating stories and visuals on her blog, Fuse Travels. Originally from Brazil, Fuse's passion for travel truly blossomed six years ago when she fell in love with Italy. She plans to move to Italy in three years and brings almost four decades of travel experience to her audience. Keep up with her at 
Learn more about the International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) here: 
Follow this Podcast Channel on YouTube: 

3 days ago

This episode of Big Blend Radio's "The Pet Connection" Podcast features award-winning author and journalist Wendy Lyons Sunshine who discusses her new book, "Tender Paws: How Science-Based Parenting Can Transform Our Relationship with Dogs." 
Full of illustrative cases and thoughtful insights to support dog welfare and inspire your own pet parenting journey, "Tender Paws" explores parallels between human and canine research; delves into attachment theory, the effects of trauma, parenting styles, and sensory issues; and offers strategies that meet the needs of all dogs — often in unexpectedly simple ways. Out now, "Tender Paws" reveals why love alone isn’t always enough and how evidence-informed parenting practices can help. More: 
Big Blend Radio's PET CONNECTION Show is cohosted by Angela Laws, veteran pet sitter, and community manager at  
This episode also featured on Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" Podcast Channel. Follow the "Pet Connection" podcast at 

4 days ago

We're going to the Blue Ridge Mountains on this episode of Big Blend Radio's JO GOES EVERYWHERE! Podcast with travel writer and photographer Jo Clark. From beer and moonshine to museums and rock churches, hear about Riner, Radford, Roanoke, and Rocky Mount. They are all an easy day trip from each other, with the Blue Ridge Parkway nearby. Read Jo's article about these historic towns here: 
Jo Clark is a travel writer and photographer based on South Carolina’s Grand Strand. She has a thirst for knowledge, history, great food, and wine! Her Big Blend Radio podcast "Jo Goes Everywhere!" airs every 2nd Sunday at 7pm EST. Follow the show on YouTube: 

5 days ago

It's all about how to read and understand your horse's energy and emotions on this episode of Big Blend Radio's "ABC's of Horses" equestrian podcast with Christy Wood.
Christy Wood is a World Champion horse trainer, also exhibiting in jumping and trail. She is a winner in extreme trail obstacle challenges, and is a carded horse show judge with 7 breed associations. Along with being an author and instructor, she is the owner of Wood N Horse Training Stables in Three Rivers, California. Learn more about Christy, her equine services, and her books, at: 
The "ABC's of Horses" Podcast with Christy Wood airs every 2nd Saturday. Listen to the latest episodes here: 
This episode is also featured on Big Blend Radio's "Pet Connection," and "Nature Connection" podcast channels. 



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