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Mike Dunmyer of US Wind - Offshore Wind Energy

March 25, 2022

This episode of Big Blend Radio's Nature Connection Show features Mike Dunmyer, Delaware Development Manager of US Wind, who explains how offshore wind – or other renewable energy – can help move the country away from fossil fuels.

US Wind was founded in 2011 and has established itself as Maryland’s leader in offshore wind development. In 2014, US Wind acquired an 80,000-acre federal Lease area off the coast of Maryland, which has the potential to generate more than 1,500 MW in offshore wind power. In 2017, Maryland approved the company’s 300 MW MarWin project and, in 2021, the state approved the 808 MW Momentum Wind project. More:

This episode is part of our special Fourth Friday Nature Connection series with guest cohost Margot Carrera who is a fine art nature photographer who is passionate about the environment. More: 

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