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What is Your Community’s Tree Equity? Jad Daley on Big Blend Radio

June 29, 2021

This episode of Big Blend Radio’s "Nature Connection" Show features Jad Daley, President & CEO of American Forests, the nation’s oldest national conservation organization. Hear about their first nationwide tally of Tree Equity scores, an evaluation that shows how the amount of tree cover in America’s cities is too often dependent on income and race. 

The Tree Equity Score (TES) tool identifies the cities that can gain the most significant health, economic and climate benefits by increasing tree canopy in places of high need. Together we can create Tree Equity by planting and caring for trees where they are most needed. Learn more and check out your community's Tree Equity Score here:  

Special thank you to fine art nature photographer Margot Carrera for sponsoring this episode. See Margot’s beautiful work and gifts here: 

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