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The North Star Band - Then and Now Album

April 6, 2022

This episode of Big Blend Radio aired live from Ilwaco, Washington and features guitarist and songwriter Al Johnson, founder of the legendary country rockers, The North Star Band, who discusses their new album “Then & Now.”

Bringing blazing guitars, searing pedal steel, a pounding beat of thunder, and three-part howling harmonies to drive hearts into an eighty-beats-a-minute ecstasy of fun, these guys have kept the fire burning.

Led by rhythm guitarist Al Johnson, a wayward vagabond of Georgetown Law, and two-time Grammy Award winner (nine nominations), bassist Jim Robeson, along with east coast guitar phenom Gantt Mann Kushner, the wizardry of Jay Jessup’s sweet pedal steel (plus mandolin, electric guitar, and banjo), Lou Hager’s soulful honky tonk piano, and Dave Besley’s thumping bass riffs, their music is driven home by the insane poundings of Paul Goldstein’s flawless beat. The North Star Band returns our hearts and souls to the epicenter of a place that was once known as Kick-Ass Country! More: 

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