Monday Jul 08, 2024

Samuel Garza Bernstein - Starring Joan Crawford

This episode of Big Blend Radio's "Toast to The Arts" Show features Stonewall Book Award-winning author, screenwriter, and playwright Samuel Garza Bernstein who discusses his new biography, "Starring Joan Crawford: The Films, the Fantasy, and the Modern Relevance of a Silver Screen Icon.”

In "Starrring Joan Crawford," Bernstein examines what makes this star from Hollywood’s Golden Age a powerful cultural force and model of feminist self-determination for women today. Covering her five-decade career, Garza Bernstein reveals how Miss Crawford continually molded and remolded her image, trying on and discarding various personas and fads, while staying true to herself. Embracing her conflicts and contradictions, he describes Joan Crawford as “an essential American archetype.” 

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This episode is also featured on Big Blend Radio's "Women Making History" Podcast.

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