Friday Jul 15, 2022

Vocalist Vicky Johnson - Winter in Eden Symphonic Rock Band

This episode of Big Blend Radio features Vicky Johnson, lead vocalist of Northern UK Symphonic Rock ensemble, Winter in Eden, who have released their fourth new studio album "Social Fake" to an immense reception from fans and critics alike. The band crafted the album over a long period, including during lockdown, and the end result takes their music to a new level.

Containing all new material which builds and further refines the unique style that is Winter in Eden, from delightful symphonic instrumentals to crunching aggressive rock, "Social Fake" features compelling vocals, muscular riffs, memorable hooks, and swirling keyboards coupled with pounding bass and thunderous drums. It's powerful, modern and perfectly balanced. "Social Fake" features a line-up of Vicky Johnson, Steve Johnson, Steve Hauxwell, Benji Lynch and Ian Heddle. More:

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