Monday May 09, 2022

Guitarist Rick Ventura - Riot Act Band

Airing live from Eugene, Oregon, this episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Music Monday” Show, features Riot Act guitarist Rick Ventura. Out now through Global Rock Records, Riot Act’s new and debut album “Closer To The Flame” comes with a 12 track bonus CD of classic 1979-1981 Riot tracks recut. These recordings feature the final ever recordings of Lou Kouvaris, who tragically passed away of Covid 19 in early 2020.

Riot Act features former Riot guitarist Rick Ventura, talented lead vocalist Don Chaffin, Paul Ranieri on bass and Claudio Galinski on drums. Ventura was a member of the classic lineup of Riot from 1979-1984. The original Riot was formed in Brooklyn in 1975 by guitarist Mark Reale. They were then and still are a criminally underrated and influential band (Metallica and Iron Maiden have been big fans of Riot for decades) that endured its share of hardships throughout the years, while also attaining a level of success, respect, and a devoted fan base along the way.


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