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Psychotherapist P. Shavaun Scott - The Minds of Mass Killers

February 24, 2022

This episode of Big Blend Radio's Quality of Life show features author and psychotherapist P. Shavaun Scott, who discusses her latest book “The Minds of Mass Killers: Understanding and Interrupting the Pathway to Violence”.

Public mass killings are becoming more common – and each incident affects the public’s sense of safety, especially as myths circulate about mass murderers and their behavior. “The Minds of Mass Killers" draws on psychotherapist P. Shavaun Scott’s 30 years of treatment experience in criminal psychology to clarify the realities of mass killings, using psychological forensic research to provide a foundation for understanding the “pathway to violence” identified in the personal histories of many mass murderers. Drawing from criminology, neuroscience and developmental and social psychology, Scott makes the case that we are all capable of creating a safer society. More: 

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