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Hilarie Larson and John Fiddler - Exploring Liverpool to a Mersey Beat

December 15, 2021

Liverpool - the name conjures images of a bustling port city, a place where, for some, dreams began as they sailed for newer worlds. It's the home of the proud and friendly "Scouser" with a soundtrack dubbed 'The Mersey Beat." On this episode of Big Blend Radio we chat with musician John Fiddler, co-founder of Medicine Head, and travel writer Hilarie Larson who talks about her adventures in Liverpool. Read Hilarie's story here:

This episode features two of John Fiddler's songs, “Forgive & Forget” and "Dancing in the Rain," both from the Medicine Head album “Warriors of Love." More:

PS. Oops! Big Blend Radio host Lisa's comment about Warren and Jimmy Buffet being brothers turns out to be wrong!

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