Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Experience the History of George Washington Carver

This episode of Big Blend Radio's "Jefferson Highway" Show focuses on the life and history of George Washington Carver, the acclaimed botanist, scientist, educator, and inventor who changed the world of agriculture in the south. From Missouri to Iowa, Texas, and beyond, his legacy is part of the Jefferson Highway. A key place to experience his story is at the George Washington Carver National Monument, the first unit of the National Park Service dedicated to an African American

Featured Guests:
- Roger Bell - Historian and President of the Jefferson Highway Association
- Paxton J. Williams - Actor/Playwright/Chautauqua Scholar; creator and performing of the one-man play, "Listening to the Still Small Voice.” 

Created by the Jefferson Highway Association which was originally founded in 1915, the Jefferson Highway is an international highway, also known as "The Pines to the Palms Highway," that runs from Winnipeg, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana. Learn more at: 

Special thanks to the Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau who represent Louisiana's Oldest City, which is also on the Jefferson Highway. See: 

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