Friday Dec 16, 2022

Free Puppies Documentary Film

Featuring filmmaker Samantha Wishman and dog rescuer Monda Wooten, this episode of Big Blend Radio focuses on the new documentary film FREE PUPPIES which is out now on VOD and DVD in the USA and Canada.

FREE PUPPIES! travels across the country's political divide to explore one of the many areas where no public animal services exist, and volunteers -- many of them women -- step in. The story follows rescuers Monda Wooten, Ann Brown, and Ruth Smith, and the network of independent “rescue ladies” who patrol vast rural counties in the Tennessee Valley caring for stray and surrendered dogs. Their grassroots efforts to start up a spay-and-neuter program, rescue countless dogs from euthanasia and neglect, and place them in loving "forever homes" will pluck at the heartstrings of any dog person. More: 

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