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The Wild Animal Sanctuary - Kent Drotar, Mark and Melanie Shellenbarger on Big Blend Radio

February 24, 2021

Less than an hour north of Denver, roam more than 500 large carnivores – including over 200 bears, 70 African lions, and 70 tigers.  Now living at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, these wild animals and the stories of their rescue, often from heartbreaking conditions, are the focal point of the newly released and groundbreaking book “Forever Wild, Forever Home: The Story of The Wild Animal Sanctuary of Colorado,” written by sanctuary volunteers and Melanie and Mark Shellenbarger. 

This episode of Big Blend Radio features Kent Drotar, along with authors Mark and Melanie, who discuss The Wild Animal Sanctuary and their book  “Forever Wild, Forever Home.” Featured music on this episode is “Freedom Has a Way” by James Saunders. 


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