Friday Nov 25, 2022

Ben Pfeiffer - Creating a Certified Firefly Habitat

This episode of Big Blend Radio's Nature Connection Show features recognized firefly expert and certified naturalist, Benjamin Pfeiffer, founder of Firefly Conservation & Research.

Fireflies are one of nature’s genuine wonders, but they need our protection now. Across the United States and worldwide, rapid and large-scale changes to our lands and watersheds mean fireflies are losing the habitats they once knew. Every step we can take to protect land for the fireflies to thrive is a step towards a literally ‘brighter’ future for new generations to enjoy. As Ben explains, now conservationists of all experience levels can create their own certified firefly habitats in their own backyard, favorite park or nature preserve to provide a permanent place for fireflies to exist. The Certified Firefly Habitat sign program is a first-of-its-kind sign and certification program designed to address the issues that are causing firefly habitat to decline. More:

This episode is part of our special Fourth Friday Nature Connection series with guest cohost Margot Carrera who is a fine art nature photographer who is passionate about the environment. More: 

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