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Earth Sanctuary - Linda Kissam and Chuck Pettis on Big Blend Radio

July 12, 2020

This episode of Big Blend Radio focuses on Earth Sanctuary in Langley, on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Earth Sanctuary is a tranquil, yet ever evolving, 72-acre retreat featuring self-guided or formal walking tours. Here one can experience beauty, tranquility and spiritual adventure. Within the private park you will find a nature reserve with beautiful wildlife ponds, approximately 15,000 native plants from 80 species and 3,250 trees from more than 30 species, a stupa, and phenomenal natural and man-placed sculptures.

Featured guests include travel writer Linda Kissam “Food, Wne & Shopping Diva,” and Chuck Pettis, founder of Earth Sanctuary. Read Linda's article here:

Featured music is “Lotus Blossom” by Michael and Spider. More:

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