Thursday Feb 25, 2021

Days of the Bagnold Summer - Simon Bird and Monic Dolan on Big Blend Radio

This episode of Big Blend Radio focuses on the new film DAYS OF THE BAGNOLD SUMMER, with director Simon Bird and star Monica Dolan. Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel, DAYS OF THE BAGNOLD SUMMER is a funny yet sweet coming-of-age story about single motherhood and Metallica. Daniel was supposed to spend the summer with his dad and his dad’s new wife in Florida, but when his dad cancels the trip Daniel and his mom suddenly face the prospect of six long weeks together. An epic war of wills ensues in their suburban home as Daniel just wants to listen to heavy metal and start a band while his mom hopes to rekindle the fun times they used to have together.

Featured music is “Time, Why, Explain” by Sandtimer. Special thanks to Norfolk Tours UK. 

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