Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Author Katsura Suzuki - The Birdfish and the Secret of Crystal Island

Being half bird and half fish, Staraku has never fit in. But when she leaves her home in search of a place to belong, a mysterious crystal island and a strange new guide show her that what makes her different makes her more powerful than she ever imagined. When Staraku learns her island is on the brink of destruction, she must make a choice. Will she let the birds and fish who rejected her fend for themselves? Or will she use her new power to try to save them and bridge an impossible divide?

This episode of Big Blend Radio features Dr. Katsura Suzuki, author of the children’s book THE BIRDFISH & THE SECRET OF CRYSTAL ISLAND. Written for kids between the ages of 8-11 who feel like they don’t quite fit in, ‘Birdfish’ encourages a celebration of differences, self-acceptance, and harmony for communities that are divided. More:

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