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Guitarist and Composer Alex Anthony Faide on Big Blend Radio

March 18, 2022

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, guitarist/composer Alex Anthony Faide has a decades-long international reputation for being the secret weapon in rock recordings, arrangements, and stage productions in Europe and Latin America. On this episode of Big Blend Radio, he discusses his music and long-awaited solo record – “Particles of the Infinite” – a display of guitar pyrotechnics in nine parts, that releases on March 18, 2022, on Trey Gunn’s label 7d Media.

Inspired by and developed from concepts found in songs such as King Crimson’s “Fracture” and “Lark’s Tongues in Aspic,” Faide takes the work beyond the stratosphere into the mirror dimension to find something completely his own. In the words of his mentor Robert Fripp, “AAF plays my guitar parts better than I do.” More at:

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